Top Tech Toys for the Festive Season 2018

The Festive Season is officially upon us and this year tech toys are the talk of the town! Robotic toys continue to be top of the wish list and this year there is something for every age.

Below is a list of the hottest tech toys for the Festive Season 2018:

A.R.I.A.’s adventures

Touted as one of the most forward-thinking toys of the year, A.R.I.A.’s adventures bestows a new wave of educational play enhanced with AR. A single or multi-player interactive experience recommended for children aged 4 plus, A.R.I.A.’s adventures works with a smart device or the included VR headset. All 100 animal cards come to life as players take a virtual tour of the jungle and learn interesting facts. The 3D colouring-in feature transforms animals from flat outlines to colourfully interactive characters. A perfect tech-driven learning game. RSP: R699.99 from retailers and toy stores.

Build a Bot

One of the most popular ranges in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) category, Build a Bot combines robotics and construction in a satisfyingly fun way. The range includes various brightly coloured animals and insects that once assembled can be personalised with eyes and stickers. Switch it on and watch the Bot respond to commands. Build a Bot introduces children aged 5 and up to the wonders and possibilities of building their own robot. RSP: R299.99 from toy stores and retailers.


The PokiBot is a fun miniature interactive robot that can move, spin, dance and even talk. The bot stands at 8cm and is sound activated – clap your hands and the PokiBot responds by lighting its mouth and eyes. Adding to the fun is a voice recording functionality where you can playback and hear yourself in a robotic voice. Download the app to unlock additional content, control PokiBot’s movements and make it do cool dance routines. It’s just like having your very own mini R2D2. RSP: R199.99 from toy stores and retailers.


Teksta 360

Incredibly lifelike, the classic robotic Teksta 360 is back with even more interactive features. The toy provides an incredible geek-fest of AI and tech all rolled into one compact robotic puppy. Teksta responds to voice, movements, lights and sounds.  It communicates its emotions with barks, whines and changes in eye patterns. The pup will also react to hand gestures to sit, stop and flip backwards. It also features wireless and infrared technology, which means it can be trained to play with other Teksta puppies. Download the app for extra bonus features. RSP: R699.99 from toy stores and retailers.

Teksta Micro Pets

The smaller cousins to the Teksta 360, the Teksta Micro Pets are also programmed to act just like the real thing. Available in four pet options – Puppy, Raccoon, Dinosaur and Kitty – they feature specialised tech that allows you to interact with them using hand gestures and voice commands. Completely animated, Teksta Micro Pets can walk backwards and forwards, move their ears, turn their heads and sit just like a well-trained pet. RSP: R299.99 from toy stores and retailers.

Robo Chameleon

With its awesome colour-changing abilities, Robo Chameleon is an ideal gift for both boys and girls aged three and older. The bot has a built-in extendable tongue to catch special food, which is included in the pack. Walk the chameleon to its food via remote control, aim and press catch! The tail is motorized and its eyes rotate as it walks. RSP: R699.99 from toy stores and retailers.


Silverlit Bumper Drones

Introducing the Silverlit Bumper Drone series – a whole new concept of action drones with 360˚ protection. With the enhanced bump and bounce protection ring design, you need not worry about hitting obstacles because with the ultra-soft material it even bounces back. The drone is water-resistance which means you can hover, land and take photos on water. Each bumper drone is features an HD camera, auto hover and headless mode. For ages 8 plus. RSP: from R799.99 for the Mini Bumper Drone. Available from toy stores and retailers.


Fingerlings Velociraptor

Sometimes cute and huggable and at other times fierce and untamed, the Fingerlings Dino Velociraptor combines electronic interactivity with the fascination factor of dinosaurs.  The biggest draw to this stocking filler is that it is surprisingly interactive for such a small toy. These creatures are fierce and unpredictable and various interactions evoke different responses. In untamed mode, they roar, hiss and chomp! In tame mode they nuzzle and purr. Complete with snapping jaws and gripping claws, these raptors react to touch, motion and sound. RSP: R399.99 from toy stores and retailers.

For more info go to www.primatoys.co.za

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