Interested to see if you would qualify or to apply for a free pre-qualification? Our in-house finance team have direct channels with all financial institutions to assist you with a pre-qualification so that you know what you will qualify for, before buying your next home.


    I consent and authorize the Lender pursuant to this application to:
    1. Obtain from a/any/all credit bureau(s) all data relating to the Applicants credit profile;
    2. Disclose and obtain information from credit bureau regarding my credit history; and
    3. Transmit to a/any/all credit bureau(s) all data relating to this application, opening and termination of any agreement as permitted in terms of the National Credit Act, 34 0f 2005.

    Please do a credit check using my personal information provided and declare to be true & correct.
    (please tick to accept & proceed)





    Please upload the following documents or send it via email to In order to proceed with a credit check, the minimum requirement is a copy of your ID. For a more accurate assessment please add the additional documents:

    Applicant ID (min requirement)
    Co-Applicant ID
    Latest bank statement
    Latest payslip